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Costa Rica La Pira Natural

Stonefruit, Citrus and Spiced Rum. Full body with a medium but bright acidity.

Nicaragua Finca Monte Cristo Washed

Dark Chocolate, Citrus and Florals. Full body, bright and sparkling acidity, sweet finish.

Ethiopia Amaro Natural

Apricot, Strawberry and Dark Chocolate with a smooth body and bright acidity.

Costa Rica Agravid Typica

A clean and smooth coffee with a buttery chocolate flavor, medium acidity and subtle citrus in the finish.

Panama Bambito Estate

Medium acidity, chocolate caramel body, kaffir lime finish.

Panama Hartmann Maragojype

Spiced rum and candied peaches. Bright, even acidity. Kaffir lime and toffee finish.

Panama Hartmann Estate Geisha

Extremely floral with a light body and bright acidity. Milk chocolate and jasmine in the finish.

Costa Rica Las Lajas Perla Negra

Medium body with notes of chocolate and a bright acidity. Full berry and pineapple flavors in the finish.

Espresso Blend Swiss Water Decaf

This Swiss Water Process Decaf blend exhibits all of the great characteristics of our Premium Espresso Blend.

Costa Rica Swiss Water Decaf

This mildly acidic coffee can be described as having velvety body, a rich and lively aroma, with notes of fruit, spice, and dark chocolate.

French Roast

Full, rich body with dark chocolate undertones.

Espresso Blend

You will find this espresso blend full bodied with a heavy crema that lasts and lasts. The flavor is exceptional and holds up with full coffee flavor in lattes, cappuccinos or other milk based drinks.

Costa Rica Don Teofilo

Roasted to optimum flavor with a medium roast, Don Teofilo has an excellent balance of body and acidity, is very aromatic, with tastes of citrus and milk chocolate truffle.

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