Finca Lerida

Farmers: Sonia Amoruso
Altitude: 5,000- 6,000 ft

Meeting Sonia Amoruso, on our 2013 trip to origin, we knew immediately that we would be partnering with her and Finca Lérida that year. As production manager, Sonia, ever vigilant about the process, has her eye on every aspect of production; the growing, the picking, the milling, the sorting, the storage, bagging, you name it, she’s keeping tabs. High above the beautiful town of Boquete, on the eastern flanks of Volcán Baru, Finca Lerida is situated perfectly with its altitude, volcanic soil, cool nights, and gentle rainbow inducing rains, allowing the farm to produce some of the very best coffees coming out of Panama. This Geisha natural is a revelation in the cup. We might add that the Finca includes a world class boutique hotel , which we, without hesitation, make our ‘base camp’ when in Panama.


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