Java Pura FAQ

Q: Are y’all a coffee shop?

No, we’re a specialty coffee roaster, no seating, no barista serving drinks, just good ‘ol coffee roasting happening here. That said we encourage customers to drop by our roasting facility anytime and purchase our roasted coffee (curbside service only available until further notice!). So, grab a fresh bag to go and make your own memorable coffee experience at home!

Q: Where can I buy your beans?

There are several options. Certainly online via our website where you’ll have access to our full selection of single origin and blends. When buying online you’ll have the option to choose between either home delivery via UPS, or free ‘curbside pickup’ here at our roasting facility at 5250 Gulfton St., Suite 4G, Houston, Texas 77081. You can also purchase our coffees at Central Markets across Texas, as well as any number of coffee shops (see LOCATIONS tab on our website).

Q: Can you ship coffee to me? How much does it cost?

Yes, we’d be delighted! We offer free shipping anywhere in the US for orders exceeding $50, and a flat rate of $6.95 (UPS standard shipping) for orders under $50. So, check out our stellar coffee selections, as well as our curated merchandise, and place your order today!

Q: Do you ship your cold brew selections?

At this time we’re unable to ‘cold ship’ our cold brew, although we’re looking into ways to rectify this issue! We do sell cold brew kits online as well as make recommendations for best home cold brewing. It’s fun, easy, cost effective, and makes for delicious variations on home brewed coffee!!

Q: Can I buy pre-ground beans if I don’t own a grinder?

Short answer, yes! Simply indicate what brew method you use i.e. Chemex, AeroPress, MoccaMaster, V60, etc., (in the ‘Notes’ section at checkout) and we’ll grind your coffee accordingly. That said (here’s our long answer!) we highly recommend grinding your coffee per batch. Coffee begins oxygenating (going stale!) as soon as it's ground quickly losing its ‘mojo’ (high notes, vibrancy, exceptional taste). By buying whole bean and grinding as you go, we believe you’ll definitely the substantial difference and bet you’ll never want to go back to pre- ground... ever! Sound intriguing? You’re in luck! We have a wonderful, budget friendly grinder right here.

Q: Do y’all ever offer discounts or free shipping? Anything to give a person a break?

Yes we do! We HIGHLY recommend subscribing to our newsletter (we promise not to bombard you). That’s where we’ll inform you about any sales, discounts, and promotions happening. (See signup at the bottom of our landing page).

Q: I’m new to your coffee, is there a way I can try a bunch of different kinds before I commit to them?

Yes, we offer sampler boxes allowing you to try multiple coffees, at a reasonable price, before fully committing to one (or more!). Our samplers come in two sizes; 4 x 4oz, or 6 x 4oz with selections then available between either our ‘Reserve’ coffees, or our equally special non-reserve’ coffees. Of course we believe all of our coffees are exceptional, and now with our sampler boxes you can try them all and make an informed decision on which one(s) hit your sweet spot! Hint: they make excellent gifts too!!

Q: Why do you have “regular” coffees and “reserve” coffees? What’s the difference?

Reserve coffees differ from our regular coffees by either: being acquired in small batches, or being more expensive to purchase. These two realities usually connote a more intense flavor profile for the coffee, thus the scarcity and cost difference.

Q: I know nothing about coffee but I have a friend who does and I want to get them a gift. What do you recommend?

Aww, you’re sharing our coffee! Thank you so much! You’re always welcome to reach out via our website or give us a call, and after asking a few questions and learning about your friend’s preferences we’d be delighted to make recommendations. Additionally, our eGiftcards might be a great option, allowing your friend(s) to purchase our great coffees at their discretion. We’ve also been told our sampler boxes make wonderful gifts.

Q: Can I subscribe to my favorite coffee?

Yes! We would love it if you did! Most coffees have the option when you click on them to select the size and frequency of your delivery. If you click on a coffee and it doesn’t have a “subscribe button”, it means it’s a rare one that we have limited non-subscribable quantities of it. Perhaps order it as a one time purchase... before it’s gone forever!

Q: Do y’all have a rewards program? How does it work?

We sure do! The BEST way to take advantage of the rewards program is by signing up yourself (it’s in the lower right corner of our website) and ordering through our website. That way you have full access to your account where you can track your points and see the rewards. Our reward system works like this: each dollar is equivalent to a point. When you spend a certain amount of dollars, you accumulate points that can be used to purchase dollars off your next order. Here’s the catch: you DO earn points from your subscription but you cannot use your rewards to discount a subscription. So our advice is to use them towards a coffee you’ve always wanted to try!

Whew we could go all day! Feel free to submit a specific question here if you have one, or give us a call at 713-523-5282.