Hartmann Estate

Farmers: Ratibor Hartmann & Siblings
Altitude: 5,000- 6,500 ft

The 3rd generation to be producing coffee, Ratibor Hartmann, his wife Jessie, brothers Allen & Kelly, and sister Aliss, all play a role in Hartmann Estate’s reputation for what we call ‘super-specialty’ coffee. Driving from the town of Volcan out to Hartmann, which is near the frontier with Costa Rica, and surrounded by national park lands, for the first time in 2013, we felt like we were headed to the middle of nowhere. And yet, as we pulled around the last curve of the rocky road into their farm, the scene was abuzz with activity, with children of all ages playing, the older ones zipping around on ATV’s, and workers busy with the days harvest. Pulling up to a ‘house’ (there were many houses scattered about where the various families all live), Ratibor, Jessie & Aliss warmly greeted us in front of what turned out to be their state of the art cupping lab, showed us around, and then treated us to an amazing cupping. Ratibor says that the family is a ‘builder of coffees’ which is evident with their commitment to understanding, exploring, refining, and pushing the boundaries of coffee processing. This particular single varietal offering, Maragogype Natural, is a truly unique and awe inspiring example of his family’s dedication.


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