La Pira Estate

Farmer: Carlos Ureña
Altitude: 5,500-6,000 ft

We met Carlos on our 2011 origin trip, started buying his coffee in 2013, and have never looked back! His ‘Naturals’ (dried on drying beds while still in the cherry) never cease to amaze us, and this year’s crop is as good as it gets; big yet balanced, lots of fruit, subtle spice, nice acidity, with lovely floral notes. Ever the ‘hands on’conscientious producer, Carlos always strives to improve his coffee. In 2016 he installed Camus’ (shade covering) over his raised drying beds believing this wouldprovide less ‘stress’ to the coffees as they sun dry. Less stressed or not, this year’s La Pira is spectacular.On a side note, it’s become tradition to meet Carlos for lunch at Soda G & A (owned by Gilda & Annette), a tiny cafe in the tiny town of Santa Maria de Dota (Tarrazu region), for fresh caught ‘trucha’/trout (G & A is next to the river), salad , and local beer(!) before heading to La Pira nearby. We love tradition… and quality!

Carlos Urena Washed beans Carlos Brix

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